CFSL finds no evidence of Sushant’s murder, use of two hands for execution and partial execution

MumbaiA month ago

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If the source is to be believed, the CFSL analysis report found that Sushant used to hang with both hands.

  • The official announcement of the report could be made by the CBI in one to two days.
  • After counting the crime scene, CFSL traced Sushant’s death while hanging

The death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput seems to be the solution now. According to CFSL or Central Forensic Science Lab sources, no bad drama was found in Sushant’s death. After counting the crime scene in Bandra’s flat, CFSL found that Sushant had died while hanging. CFSL has given this report to the CBI team. However it can be officially confirmed by the investigating agency within one to two days.

According to reports, this is a ‘partial hanging’

The report did not call it a ‘partial hanging’. This meant that the dead man’s feet were not completely in the air. That is, he touched the ground or wrapped himself in something like a bed or a stool. CNSL made the report after repeating the crime scene in Bandra’s flat and testing the strength of the fan-wrapped cloth.

Sushant hanged himself using both hands

If the sources are to be believed, the CFSL analysis report found that Sushant must have been hanged using Ambedkar. He used his right hand to hang himself. The position of the ligature mark on the throat is also mentioned in the analysis report. Only the right hander can be hanged in this way The report further states that the clothes recovered from his house were used for hanging.

CFSL has added these issues to its report.

  • Amount of forces applied: After hanging, how much pressure was applied to the neck.
  • Duration of applied energy: How long did the man live hanging on his neck?
  • Applicable force field: How much the throat was affected by the nuisance.
  • Force distribution analysis: Analysis of the force on the neck due to sudden hanging.


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