Celebrity’s second marriage: Dharmendra, starting from Mahesh Bhatt to Raj Babbar, these stars got married to their first wife for the first time.

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2 hours ago

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The personal lives of Bollywood celebrities are always in the news. Some celebrities were controversial by marrying second and third, while there are some who married without divorcing their first wife. Let’s find out now from celebrities who get married after getting their first wife.


Dharmendra, popularly known as Hyman of Bollywood, married Hema Malini for the second time. Even before his marriage to Hema, Dharmendra was engaged to Prakash Kaur, with whom he has two children, Sunny and Bobby. After all this, Hema and Dharmendra agreed to get married. Dharmendra and Hema’s relationship with his first wife Prakash was very tense, but neither of them had any effect. Dharmendra married his first wife a second time instead of his wife and became a Muslim so that he could have two marriages.

Selim Khan

Popular screenwriter and filmmaker Selim Khan has been married once or twice. Selim was first married to Salma Khan, who has three sons, Salman, Arbaaz and Sohail. They have also adopted their daughter Arpita Khan. Despite Salma, Selim married popular actress Helen. His first wife Salma also agreed to his marriage. Salma and Helen have a very good relationship, which is why the two have been seen together on many occasions. Salma’s children also consider Helen very much.

Sanjay Khan

Popular hero of the eighties Sanjay Khan also got married twice. He was first married to actor Jerin Katrak, ten years after his name was associated with actress Zeenat Aman. It was later learned that Sanjay had married Jinnah without divorcing his first wife Zarin. However, the marriage did not last long and the two parted ways in just 2 years.

Mahesh Bhatt

Popular director and producer Mahesh Bhatt first married Kiran. Kiran has a daughter Pooja Bhatt of Mahesh. After that, Mahesh Bhatt’s heart shifted to actress Soni Rajdan. Mahesh decides to marry Soni Rajdan, doesn’t care about his first wife at all and converts to Islam and marries Soni. Mahesh has two daughters Alia and Shaheen.

Raj Babbar

Popular actor and politician Raj Babbar has got married twice. Raj first married Nadira, then popular actress Smita Patil entered his life. When Raj wanted to marry Smita, Nadira got angry and refused to divorce him. Madha Raj, madly in love with Smita, married Smita for the second time regardless of his first wife. Unfortunately, Raj could not stay with Simita for long. Smita died a few days after the birth of her first son Preetak Babbar.


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