Celebrity Motivational Speaker Naina More brings new episode of ‘Zindegi Aapne Hai’

New Delhi: Celebrity Motivational Speaker, Nayana Moore has brought another exciting episode to her fans after seven successful episodes. In eight episodes, the famous Indian chef sees Ranveer Brar, who has shared interesting facts and experiences from his travels so far.

In a live chat session, Naina Moore tried to break the stereotype of men with Ranveer Brar, who belongs to the office, who belong to the kitchen. While praising Naina Ranveer’s decision to choose an unconventional profession, she said, ‘I chose this profession because it is not normal. And for me, normal is very annoying. In fact, when I started, my dad asked me if I still make chopsticks with my own hands! This mentality has been in the society for a long time, but things have changed a lot. The same Naina said, ‘You opened the door for others, because even when you do something unconventional, others expect to dream and they are encouraged to think differently.’

Ranveer further said, ‘We are all stubborn people of our family my grandfather joined the army and did some incomprehensible things. Then my father thought if his father can join the army then why can’t he be one. Engineer! And then I liked it and thought, why not become a chef? And I became! ‘

The talented chef also announced plans to open a restaurant in Kolkata on the much-discussed show. With a mesmerizing surprise, Naina said, ‘Oh wow, Kolkata will be lucky with your new scheme’!

Naina Moore has always inspired her fans and followers with her fan talk and her new celebrity chat show ‘Zindegi Aapne’ is nothing short of a celebration to the audience.


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