CBI’s challenge escalates after AIIMS report, High Court lawyer says suspect cannot be convicted for not appearing in suicide note

17 days ago

Sushant Singh Rajput’s family members are regularly blaming Riya Chakraborty for his death.

  • On Saturday, an AIIMS report revealed that Sushant had committed suicide, not a murder case
  • The CBI will have to study the old case against Sushant or his family Riya

The AIMS panel has ruled out the possibility of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. After this, the CBI will face some challenges, which will be faced by the investigating agency. In an interview with an entertainment website, Advocate Mohammad Musabbir Ansari, who practices in the Delhi High Court, discusses these challenges.

The role of the suicide note became important

According to Ansari, no suspect can be convicted in court until his name is found on the suicide note. If there is any evidence of his activities and past conduct that proves the charges given in court, the suspect can be convicted in that case.

The suspect cannot be directly blamed

Ansari further believes that the CBI should investigate the old FIR against accused Riya Chakraborty or Sushant or his family. Also, they need to collect evidence of conversations via email, WhatsApp chat or telephone, which could indicate a bad game. The advocate further said that if a person struggles with mental health, the suspect cannot be directly blamed.

No suicide note was found from Sushant’s house

On June 14, the body of Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging from a fan in a flat in Bandra, Mumbai. But Mumbai police believe they did not receive any suicide notes from their home or home. In the initial investigation, the police described it as a case of suicide due to frustration.

Sushant’s family members, friends and fans are constantly claiming that he has been murdered. Recently, the AIIMS team assisting the CIB submitted its report to the investigating agency, in which they wrote that it was clearly not a case of murder but of suicide.


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