CBI may add section 302 in Sushant’s death, Pithani and Neeraj may be official witnesses

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  • Sushant Singh Rajput death case; IPC may add section 302 in Sushant’s death case, Pithani and Neeraj may become witnesses

Mumbai21 days ago

An eyewitness claimed that Riya met him (Sushant) on June 13, a day before Sushant’s death. -Phil photo

  • In the second episode, Dipesh Sawant, Siddharth Pithani, Neeraj and Keshab will be questioned again.
  • Ames handed over the investigation report and said that there would be no corner in the case

The CBI, which is investigating the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, is now considering adding Section 302 of the IPC (murder) to the case. The AIIMS team has submitted its investigation report, after which the CBI is going to start the investigation in the second phase of the case. Besides, Sushant’s manager Siddhartha Pithani is also expected to be an official witness.

The AIIMS report reveals three big questions

The AIMS team has raised three big questions about Sushant’s postmortem at Cooper Hospital. According to Dr. Sudhir Gupta-

  • The postmortem report did not mention the time of Sushant’s death.
  • Sushant’s autopsy was performed in the evening and in the dim light.
  • His viscera report contains no information about the drug investigation.

Apart from this, it was also reported earlier that the viscera were not properly secured, which caused problems in the Ames team investigation.

New claim: Sushant met Risha before he died

An eyewitness claimed that Riya met him (Sushant) on June 13, a day before Sushant’s death. This is the statement of Mumbai BJP secretary and advocate Vivekananda Gupta. In an interview with the channel, he said that according to eyewitnesses, Riya met Sushant around 3 pm on June 13. Later Sushant also left his house. In this case, Riya’s statement that he left Sushant’s house on June 8 is completely untrue.

However, Pithani also has a firm knowledge of this, because only Pithani knows the people who came to his house the day before Sushant’s death.

Siddhartha and Neeraj Raj can be witnesses

According to the ‘Republic of India’ report, Siddharth Pithani is under the supervision of the CBI. Officials say he could be an official witness. He has been interrogated and recorded many times. He may go to Delhi for further investigation. Apart from Siddhartha, Cook Niraj can also be a witness.

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