Case of indecent remarks: Complaint reached the police station, Sapna Chowdhury and her husband Bir Sahu

Her husband Bir Sahu reached the police with Swapna Chowdhury

Marriage of Swapna Chowdhury Chowdhury: A young man named Naveen Pangal alias Moyna came live on social media and made obscene remarks about Swapna Chowdhury and Bir Sahu.

Hisar. Harianvi Singer and dancer Swapna Chowdhury and her husband Harianvi Singer Bir Sahu (Bir Sahu) have lodged a complaint with the Hansi City Police Station against the two youths. Complaints have been lodged against social media activists Harsh Chikara and Naveen. The two have been accused of making obscene comments on social media. Police have launched an investigation after receiving the complaint.

It is alleged that Swapna Chowdhury gave birth to a son in the past. Harsh Chikara posted it on social media and congratulated him. With this, everyone came to know about this through social media. He spoke to Harsh Chikara to delete the post but he refused to delete the post. People in the post have made obscene comments about both (Dream and Hero).

Bir Sahu said that a few days later, a young man named Natun Pangal alias Moyna came live on social media and made personal comments about Swapna Chowdhury and him and tortured him. Despite his denials, he continued to use abusive language and threats. Later he went to his village Mandehedi and followed him there. A complaint has been lodged with the police in this regard. Police have launched an investigation based on the allegations.

The case after the birth of Swapna Chowdhury’s son Let us tell you that Swapna Chowdhury was given a post on social media after the birth of her son, Bir Sahu once came live and took the news of those who made indecent remarks. Later, the social media dispute between Sahu and Naveen Panghal escalated. Each other was given open challenges. 3 days ago, Bir Sahu marched towards the platform of Maham Chaubsi with a convoy of his supporters. Naveen Panghal also came live and said great. The police handled the situation. City Police Station in-charge Narendra Singh said Swapna Chowdhury and her husband Bir Sahu had lodged a complaint against the two youths. The allegation is being investigated and whatever action will be taken.


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