Buzz: Katrina Kaif is looking for a boy who wants a boyfriend, read on

The year 2018 was nothing special for Katrina Kaif. Where two of his films were released last year, ‘Thugs of Hindustan’ with Aamir Khan and ‘Zero’ with Shahrukh Khan, but these two films were badly beaten at the box office. At the same time, since Ranbir Kapoor’s breakup, the actress’ personal life has also become quite busy. The actress has recently expressed a special wish in 2019 in a special interview with Katrina Kaif from Filmfare.

During this interview, Katrina Kaif was asked what are the 3 wishes you want to see complete this year. In response to this question, the actress first said, “Boyfriend, I don’t want to be alone anymore and I want to open my own production company.” Now Katrina Kaif really wants someone with her life.

[ यह भी पढ़ें: जानें क्यों, करीना चाहती हैं इस हीरो को कभी डेट न करें सारा अली खान ]

Also when Katrina was asked which things are most important to attract the attention of men. The actress said that a person’s sense of humor should be good and not smelly. Speaking of the film, Katrina Kaif is currently busy shooting her film with Salman Khan in India.


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