Boss has become Lady PC: Priyanka Chopra shares First Look of Way Can Be Heroes, to be released on Netflix in January

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24 minutes ago

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Priyanka Chopra has shared the first look of her second Netflix original project We Can Be Heroes. In this she looks like a boss lady. We Can Be Heroes is a children’s film. Which is directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Excited about the role of PC
Priyanka shared a picture of the first look and wrote- Ohoho! Finally, this is the first look at Way Can Heroes. Amazing managed by Robert Rodriguez and it’s coming to Netflix on the first day of the new year. A kids classic movie. Robert made many similar films. I look forward to introducing you to the complex world of my character. I’ll tell you soon ..

The film stars Priyanka as well as Christine Slater, Gaga Goslin, Akira Akbar, Andrew Diaz, Andy Walken, Boyd Holbrook, Hayla Finlay, Russell Bailey, Lotus Blossom, Leon Daniels, Nathan Blair, Sung Kenong, Vivian and Adriano. .

PC upcoming projects
Priyanka’s upcoming projects include The White Tiger from Arvind Adigar’s novel, The film with Priyanka and Prince Rao will be aired on OTT platform in January 2021. He has also done a rom-com with Jim Strauss, Sam Hughes, Kainu Reeves’ Matrix 4, Citidel and Celine Dion after an anonymous comedy film. Which he reported on social media.

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