Bonnie Kapoor, 655 years old: Despite being married, Bonnie gave heart to Sridevi, told her first wife – I can’t live without her and get married a second

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Well known Bollywood producer Bonnie Kapoor turned 65 on November 11. The story of his personal life is quite interesting. Marriage with Sridevi was no less popular. Bonnie and Sridevi’s love went through many zigzag paths.

In fact it was one-sided love. Although it started with the film Mr. India, Bonnie fell in love with Sridevi only when she was doing Tamil films in the 1980s.

Lots of papad bells to increase intimacy with Sridevi

Bonnie also went to Chennai to meet him, but Sridevi did not meet him as she was in Singapore. Then his first Hindi film ‘Sixteenth Year’ was released and Bonnie was so impressed with it that he decided to work with producer Sridevi in ​​the film. One day he came to meet her on the set of the film, but Sridevi revealed that her work was supervised by her mother.

When he met his future mother-in-law, he said that Sridevi film ‘Mr. You can work in India, but their fee will be Rs 10 lakh. Bonnie replied that they would pay Rs 11 lakh. Sridevi’s mother is happy and thus Bonnie Kapoor gets a chance to get closer to her love.

He made special arrangements for Sridevi. But the sister’s floor was still far away. Here Sridevi fell in love with Mithun Chakraborty and on the other hand arranged marriage with Bani Mona Kapoor. After this, Gemini and Sridevi separated and Bonnie started getting closer to Sridevi again. He even visited Switzerland once to meet him.

The distance was over after the mother’s illness

The twist of this story came when Sridevi’s mother became very ill and was treated in America. During this time, Bonnie Kapoor supported Sridevi mentally, emotionally and financially. Bonnie also paid her mother’s medical bill. Sridevi was overwhelmed by his sacrifice and said yes to his sister’s love proposal.

Here, Bonnie and Mona’s relationship deteriorates. Bonnie clearly tells Mona that she can’t live without Sridevi. After that, their relationship with Mona broke down. In 1996, Sridevi and Bonnie finally got married.

They both have two daughters named Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor. In 2018, Bonnie was devastated by Sridevi’s untimely death. He is still passionate about remembering Sridevi at many public events.


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