Bombay High Court says bulldozer officer and Sanjay Raut should also party, hearing adjourned to Wednesday

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  • Bombay High Court Saeed Bulldozer officer and Sanjay Raut should also have a med party, hearing adjourned for Wednesday

MumbaiA month ago

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Part of the bungalow was demolished by BMC on September 2.

  • Kangana’s Sanjay Raut’s raised statement that the CD was presented in the High Court
  • Kangana denied the BMC’s allegations in the Bombay High Court on Monday

The petition filed by the actress in the Bombay High Court against the demolition of Kangana Ranaut’s Pali Pahar office will be heard at 11:30 am on Wednesday. During today’s hearing, the Bombay High Court told Sanjay Nirupam, a party in the case, to order a bulldozer in the office of Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha member actress and MP. Sanjay Raut’s statement on behalf of Kangana that the CD was given during the hearing in the High Court, then the High Court passed the order.

Earlier, Kangana had filed her reply in the BMC’s affidavit in the Bombay High Court, stating that it was biased for BMC to take action in her office. He also denied that any work was going on in his office at the time of taking this step. On the other hand, BMC could not present any evidence of illegal construction.

Earlier, actress Kangana Ranaut on Monday denied allegations made by the Brihannumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in the Bombay High Court that her Pali Hill office had been subjected to illegal structural changes. Parts of this bungalow were demolished by BMC on 9 September. After which the actress went to the High Court. The court sought reply from Kangna on September 14 and BMC on September 16 in the case. A supplementary affidavit was submitted on behalf of the actress on Monday.

He also denied that his application declared sabotage illegal and that it was an abuse of the legal process to claim Rs two crore as compensation to BMC. In the affidavit, he said, “I deny that I have added or altered anything illegally as a complaint.”

BMC has stated this in its affidavit
The BMC, through its lawyer Joel Carlos, filed an affidavit before a bench headed by Justice SJ Kathawala last week in response to Ront’s application. The civic body said the actress made significant structural changes to the building without permission. He said BMC officials only followed these rules on September 9 when they broke these changes. The civic body requested the High Court to dismiss Ranaut’s application and also imposed fines for them which was an “abuse” of the judicial process.

Kangana said this in her affidavit
On the other hand, after BMC’s reply, Ronot said in his affidavit that the municipal body had misused the statutory process by initiating the process of snatching some part of their property without giving them enough time. He had earlier said that the BMC had given him only 24 hours to respond to the sabotage notice and had hurriedly canceled his reply to his notice.

Runt said the BMC had taken partial action against him on September 9 for allegedly making illegal changes to a bungalow next to Bengal but had issued a notice to fashion designer Manish Malhotra, but was given seven days to respond to Malhotra’s notice. The High Court is expected to hear Kangana’s appeal on Tuesday.


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