Bollywood Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Abhinav is praying for his return home

The Air Force Wing Commander Congratulations went missing the day before. Pakistan later claimed that Abhinandan was in their custody. Everyone is praying for his safe return today and calling for peace for all so that war does not break out.

Good luck Bollywood

Bollywood is also concerned about the war environment in India and Pakistan. There are also concerns about the recent stay of the Air Force’s wing commander in Pakistan. Bollywood stars are regularly tweeting about her safe return home. Actress Nimrat Kaur said, ‘Wing Commander Abhinav Abhinandan’s family and loved ones get strength and energy. The prayers and souls of the nation are with them in this difficult time. Hopefully the eminent officials will return to Indian soil soon. At the same time, Sushmita Sen said, “We are all praying for the safe return of Wing Commander Abhinandan.”

India’s action against terrorism

Selina Jaitley said, ‘India’s action on Tuesday was anti-terrorism and no civilians were injured and no military personnel were targeted. But what Pakistan did was a war. He targeted military personnel, although no one wanted a war. Pakistan has escalated tensions. Congratulations to the Wing Commander and pray for his safe return


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