Bollywood & Controversy: Before Sanjana Sangh, many Bollywood celebrities made headlines because of their bold and offensive ed.

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  • Before Sanjana Sanghi, many Bollywood celebrities came to the headlines because of the brave and offensive Ed, who filed a complaint against someone.

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The Dil Bechar actress is making a lot of headlines because of her digital advertising. In the advertisement, Sanjana was seen slapping her co-actor eight times, which was objected to by many including Pooja Bedi. People believe that violence against men is being promoted through this aid. Let us tell you that not only Sanjana Sanghi, but many Bollywood stars are in controversy because of their edits.

Ishwaria Rai Bachchan- Bollywood actress Shwarya Rai Bachchan came into the discussion when a print aid of her welfare jewelery was published. The actress was posing for Ed after wearing jewelery and designer clothes, but all eyes were on the child with an umbrella behind them. The young child was sitting like a queen serving Ishwari, which was not seen by the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights. The NCPC has demanded the immediate removal of this edit.

Dino Moria-Bipasha Basu- Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea, once Bollywood’s hottest couple, have come under controversy due to their commercial support. The couple had a controversial photoshoot for the 1997 Under-Garments brand where Dino was seen pulling Bipasha’s underwear out of her mouth. The Ministry of Culture objected to this edit as soon as it was published, after which the edit was removed from everywhere.

Milind Soman- Honey Spray- In 1995, super model Milind Somon appeared in a shoe brand advertisement with model Madhu Sapra. For this ad shoot, both had nude and bold photoshoots so they just wore shoes. Also, a python was used to create a creative, which was wrapped with both. Many social organizations, NGOs and animal workers immediately objected to it. In addition to animal rights, Eddie also criticized people for being nude.

Sana Khan- Sana Khan, who stayed away from Bollywood to follow the path of religion, became very controversial due to the 2007 Ed. It was an ad for macho underwear. Ed showed New Wade Sana Khan washing her husband’s clothes on the shore. At this point, Sana gave a very bold expression while washing her underwear which was offensive to the Indian audience. This commercial has been removed after many people objected.

Worship Altar – Mark Robinson – In 1991, Pooja Bedi and Mark Robinson appeared together in a condom ad. Both of them were seen bathing in a bold style in this advertisement which was quite offensive to the Indian viewers of that time. The Doordarshan channel banned the ad altogether.

Ranveer Singh- Ranbir Singh has made headlines because of the clothing brand Jack & John. In one of Ed’s posts, Ranveer was seen carrying a girl on his shoulders, telling her not to back down and take her work home. (Don’t stop, take your work home). Many, including Rang De Basanti actor Siddhartha, expressed their dissatisfaction as soon as they came forward. Upon receiving the complaint, the company had to apologize for removing 12 billboards installed in the city. Later Ranveer also apologized for it.

Apart from this, Ranveer Singh was also in the news due to the commercial support of an underwear brand. In this ad, Ranveer was seen killing a shark which was objected to by Peta. The company later wrote to Ed that the shark used in Ed was made of rubber and that no animals were shown on Ed.

Shah Rukh Khan- King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan has long been an ambassador for Fairness Cream Fair and Handsome. An online campaign called Dark and Beautiful was launched to reduce color inequality, in support of which many actors, including Aamir Khan, vowed not to promote beauty products. Shah Rukh Khan remained silent and worked consistently on the whole matter. Because of this he had to face a lot of criticism.

Malaika Aurora – Arbaaz Khan – In 1993, Malaika and Arbaaz appeared with the help of a coffee brand printing. It features some of the bravest and most comfortable moments between the two with which it was written, Real Pleasure Can’t Be In Instant (real fun can’t be found immediately). This tagline and bold picture face fierce criticism. After which this ad was banned.

Amitabh Bachchan – Madhuri Dixit – Preity Zinta – It was banned after large quantities of lead were found in Nestle’s product Maggi. Celebrities supporting the product were also sharply criticized. Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta were also charged. Amitabh and Madhuri Dixit were then part of Ed, Preity did it 12 years before Ed’s case


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