Bollywood celebrities have expressed outrage, Javed Akhtar said – how they thought they would survive, Kangana said – I have full faith in Yogi Adityanath

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  • Bollywood celebrities have expressed outrage, Javed Akhtar said how they thought they could survive, Kangana said I have full faith in Yogi Adityanath

22 days ago

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Javed Akhtar has reacted strongly to the police action, while Kangana has expressed confidence in the UP government.

UP police burnt the body of a Dalit girl who was gang-raped in Hatras on Tuesday night. Not even his family members were allowed to attend at this time. There is a lot of anger among Bollywood celebrities over this act of the police and they have expressed their anger on social media. However, Kangana Ranaut expressed confidence in the government and demanded a similar trial.

Javed Akhtar wrote in his tweet in protest of the incident, ‘Uttar Pradesh police conducted the last rites of the body of the victim who was raped at 2.30 pm. This was done without permission and in the absence of the family. Which has raised many questions. Why he is confident that he will survive even after this courage. Who explained them for this?

Kangana has full confidence in the government

Kangana Ranaut, expressing confidence in the UP government, wrote, ‘I have firm faith in Yogi Adityanath Zia. The way Priyanka Reddy’s rapist was killed, she was killed and burned alive. We want the same kind of sensitive, natural and persuasive justice

Prakash Raj said – what the UP police did

Actor Prakash Raj wrote, “Ah .. very disappointing … what we are witnessing, what the UP police have done … Yogi Adityanath.”

Farhan said daga

Farhan Akhtar writes, ‘The incident of #Hathras will always be a stain on the clothes of this nation. It is a shame for those who commit such crimes to defend and cover them up. It is absolutely barbaric not to allow the daughter of a broken and mourning family to perform the funeral. Humanity is dead. ‘

Nagma said – even the funeral was not allowed

Nagma wrote, ‘They pressured the family for janaza. Yogi Adityanath tried his best to cover the screen. The girl’s body was burnt by the police at 2.30 pm. He did not even allow the daughter of our country to pay homage according to Hindu custom. ‘

Urmila said it was inhumane

Mrmila Matondkar writes, ‘When someone comes to power they sell women’s misery, and remain completely silent in the event of harassment. It is also beyond inhumanity. #MediaCircusShant #Women Rights Activists Miss New India’s Elected Judge? ‘

Preity Zinta has demanded severe punishment

Gauhar Khan called it Gundraj

That’s the whole point

On September 14, a Dalit girl who was gang-raped died at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi on Tuesday morning while undergoing treatment. Police then arrived at her ancestral village with the girl’s body at 12:50 a.m. on Tuesday, but did not hand over the body to family members. The parents and siblings were eager to see the girl’s face for the last time, but no family members were heard and the body was cremated at 2.30pm.

It is alleged that at the time of the funeral, no member of the victim’s family was present, but police burned the body themselves.


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