Bollywood actress Rabina Tandon enjoying the snow in Manali, says forget about your funeral pier.

Rabina Tandon in the snow in Manali.

Manina’s Rabina Tandon: Rabina Tandon enjoys shooting and walking in the plains of Manali and Lahaul.

Manali The tourist city of Manali in Himachal Pradesh is one of the favorite places of movie stars. Every year many photo scenes are shot in the beautiful court of Manali. Even these days, the tourist city of Manali is buzzing with movie stars. In the past, Bollywood actress Shilpa Sethi came to Manali to shoot her photos. Similarly, now Bollywood actress Ravina Tandon has also come to Manali for the shooting of her web series.

Rabina came to shoot the webseries

The web series is being shot in Solang Nala, Nagar, Hamta Pass, etc. of Manali. Bollywood actress Rabina Tandon is enjoying the shooting season as well as Manali. Bollywood actress Rabina Tandon enjoys ice cubes at Monali. The actress enjoyed the snowfall from the sky at the tourist centers Kothi and Barua villages and also shared memorable moments spent with her acquaintances on Instagram. Rabina Tandon enjoys shooting as well as walking in the plains of Manali and Lahul.

Rabina Tandon in Manali.

Rabina used to visit many places

The actress has shared her photos on social media while enjoying photography in the snow in Sisu village of Songalanala, the northern portal of Atal Tunnel. Local coordinator Anil Kayastha said the shooting of the webseries would take more than a month to become a plaintiff in Manali.


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