Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala was the special guest at the 3rd Brahmaputra Sahitya Mahotsav

The three-day literary festival, which started on Saturday, was jointly organized by the Assam government and the Assam Secretary Publications Board Promod Kalita, the second day of which saw actress Manisha Koirala sharing her presence in Bollywood. Tied up.

Honored at the festival in literature

Manisha Koirala, a special guest at the 3rd Brahmaputra Literary Festival in Guwahati, Assam on Sunday, has captivated people with her performances in countless films like Saudagar, Khamoshi – The Musical, Dil Se, Mana and has entertained people for almost three decades. Manish Koirala, a well-known name in Bollywood and internationally known, was honored at the Sahitya Mahotsav.


Divided the fight against cancer

On this special occasion, Manisha fought cancer with great courage and told the story of her struggle to recover from that terrible disease. Manisha Koirala further said, “I am very grateful to the Government of Assam for giving me the opportunity to participate in this event and share my story with everyone. Manisha has explained herself about cancer and the fight against it.” Talked to people with his story and was inspired recently



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