Bobby Deol’s superhit movie is going to be a sequel! Published information

Bobby Deol had a time when he was consistently giving hit pictures. At the same time a picture of him came ‘Gupta’. He sat at the top of success because of this film. At that time Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar also started getting dwarfs in front of them, but now another good news about this film is being published.

Soon it will be a sequel

If you believe the news coming from the corridors of Bollywood, the sequel to this superhit film of Bobby Deol is about to start soon. The film’s ‘Gupta’ director Rajiv Rai recently told an entertainment portal that he has an idea for ‘Gupta 2’, which he will launch soon. Rajiv said, ‘I didn’t write the next part of‘ Gupta ’but I have an idea that could take the‘ Gupta ’series forward. Viewers will see something new because the previous film has a happy ending.

Will announce in April

Before talking about his next film, Rajiv Roy said that he has been working on 5-6 scripts continuously for the last few years, but now he is concentrating on only one, which he will announce in April.


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