BMC paid Rs 72 lakh to sue Kangana, actress says – Pappu of sin spent public money to molest a girl

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The petition was filed. In the same case, it was learned through RTI that the Brihannumbai Municipal Corporation has so far paid Rs 72 lakh to the legal team to file a case against the actress.

Mumbai-based RTI activist Sharad Yadav sought information on which lawyer was hired by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation and how much he was paid in return for an application filed by Kangana Ranaut.

BMC responded to RTI

In reply, BMC said, “Akanksha Chinoy has been appointed as a lawyer to advocate in the High Court of the case. According to the law department of the municipality, she was given Rs 50,000 reward on September 22 and 3 times. She was paid Rs 850,000 on October 8.

Kangana said – public money has been spent for TG

Following the release, actress Kangana Ranaut targeted the Maharashtra government in a tweet on Wednesday. The actress wrote in her tweet, ‘So far Rs 62 lakh has been spent by the Municipal Corporation for illegal vandalism in my house. “Pappu of Paap spent public money to harass a girl. Today Maharashtra stands in this place. It is very unfortunate.”

Nitesh Rane says – Penguins are spending extra public money
BJP leader Nitesh Rane has also criticized Kangana Ranaut for spending Rs 72 lakh on BMC for the case. He tweeted, ‘Wow! Mumbaikars are paying taxes

1. Penguins II. For all the lawyers who sued Kangana

What’s left now? Their children will also marry with our money.


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