Birthday Trivia: Selim Khan also worked in film before becoming a screenwriter, when he came with his wife Helen

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15 minutes ago

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  • Before the third floor, Selim Khan, a 1962 film professor, was also present

November 24 is Salman’s father Selim Khan’s birthday. He is 85 years old. Selim also acted in a thriller film before becoming the most successful screenwriter in Bollywood (Selim-Javed). This was in 196666, when Selim was seen in a thriller film. The name was the third floor. Not only that, in the film he shares the screen with his future wife Helen. However, he was married to Salma for only two years at that time.

Later, Selim was so caught up in Helen’s love affair that the two were married in 1980. After the marriage, the Khan family had a lot of worries. Three brothers including Salman and Salma Khan were also dissatisfied with the marriage.

Then he became an iconic song
On the third floor, Shammi has played the lead role of Kapoor and Asha Parek. The film also had a number of Helen’s iconic dances. O Hasina Jalfan Jaane Jahan Selim Khan was seen with Helen in this song. The film was directed by Vijay Anand. Hey Hasina … the song is considered one of the best dance numbers in Bollywood. It features music by RD Burman and melodies by Mohammad Rafi and Asha Vosle.

Selim’s glimpse was seen at the beginning
Selim Khan and Asha Parek are seen at the beginning of the song. Next, entries are Shammi Kapoor and Helen’s Evergreen. The extraordinary dance, music and vocals of the singers made the song incomparable. Also the power of Helen and Shammi Kapoor forced the youth of the country to sway. Even today, this power drives people crazy.


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