Birthday Special: The story of Falguni Pathak from Dandiya, the favorite singer of teenagers in Nandatri

The story of Falguni Pathak begins with a family in Gujarat who had four daughters. 7-8 years after the birth of the fourth daughter, another new guest was coming to the house. Everyone hoped that a son would be born this time. But by the will of God another Lakshmi came to that house. The only difference was the girl like a boy. Like a boy because he doesn’t like to wear girls clothes since childhood. He never had long hair like girls. There was a lot of rigor at school, so she must have worn a dress, otherwise no one would have seen her stay after the salwar-shoot.

Similar hairs did not even reach from below the ears that cut them. She was the youngest daughter in the house, so everyone was a favorite. If you look at that girl today, she won’t find you anywhere. This interesting story belongs to the Falguni reader. Which is known not only in the country but also abroad as Dandia and Garba Queen.

Many IndiPop singers came to India in the 90s. It all started with Baba Segal. This was the era of MTV. A different kind of modern and different music was taking place in India. Artists like Alisha Chinoy, Bali Brahmbhatt, Sunita Rao, Palash Sen, Jazi B, Lucky Ali have given many hit albums this decade. Falguni reader’s name was added to this list. Falguni had a hobby of singing since childhood. The elder sister also took proper training in music. Falguni Pathak also sang amateur songs.

Falguni reader

This is how the career of Falguni Pathak started

He was 9 years old when he first took part in a stage show. In an orchestra, she sang the big superhit song of the film ‘Qurbani’ – Layla and Layla. People liked to sing alluring songs from the mouth of a little girl. The following year, he also got a chance to sing in a Gujarati film. He was about ten years old then. The great thing is that he sang that song with the famous playback singer Alka Yagnik. Falguni Pathak then started singing in the orchestra. In 1987, he started singing at Dandia Nights. He became a busy artist at a young age. Singing non-stop songs on stage was not easy. I am listing those songs. Thread one of them. Gradually it became the ‘USP’ of the Falguni reader.

It was 1998, when the universal music company Falguni released the reader’s first album. The bangles that started to come to mind in the hands of the miners, on the wet night. This song made the Falguni reader popular all over India overnight. He is now on his way to becoming a popular singer with the exception of Orchestra and Dandia Knight. Riya Sen also got the song recognized for the first time. After which he has also acted in many films. The song was composed by Sameer Sen and Dilip Sen, who made their mark this time. Okay, the song was a hit. The song was at the top of the count on all music channels. The video for the song also featured Falguni Pathak with Riya Sen. Therefore, he was also recognized by those who were not among the Dandiya or Orchestra listeners.

Her success was released the following year by director-producer Radhika Rao. Falguni’s next album is I-Mine Payal Hai Chinkai. O Harjai, come now. The song also set a record for success. Falguni reader’s song for ‘teenagers’ brings a new fragrance of love. Who had a little courage as well as sweetness.

Falguni Reader (1)

Falguni is surprised at the sweet voice of the reader that many new faces took a break from the films after their album. Ayesha Takiya also has such a name. Ayesha used to model, but Falguni caught her eye for the first time in the manner of a reader’s album. This year was 2000 and Falguni’s album came out that year – Mary Chunar Ud Ud Jaye. Until 2004, after entering Indippo, the Falguni reader was very popular for almost 6 years. From the album to the stage show he was regularly busy

Again when the scene of the song changes

Then slowly the landscape of Hindustani music changed again. All the artists of IndiPop ruled at one time, one by one became ‘out of sight’. In this episode of change, Falguni Pathak returned to his Dandiya Knights. Now he had a big identity. He sang all his hit songs. In which he also sang songs of other artists. In 1991, Sunita Rao’s song ‘Pari Hai Main’ became a hit. People still loved the song. We are referring to this song because Falguni Pathak also sang this song. Many people in Gujarat think that it was not sung by Sunita Rao but by Falguni Pathak.

For the past decade, Falguni Pathak has been seen on various TV programs, but now he is almost away from singing on the album. Yes, he is still one of the busiest artists performing on stage. Just a few years ago, it was reported that he had earned crores of rupees from his program during Navratri. However, excluding this earnings, his fans have a love that they still get. No falguni reader considers God as a gift.


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