Birthday: Shammi Kapoor, who got a salary of fifty rupees, became a break dancer?

New Delhi If Shammi Kapoor were alive today, he would be 91 years old. Sixties superstar Shammi Kapoor once asked a journalist, ‘What would you name your dance?’
Shammi Kapoor laughed and said, ‘Break your neck.’

People were crazy in different styles
Shammi Kapoor never used a choreographer for her dance. She invented her own dance moves herself. His style was hand and foot shaking. Her dance was different from the others. But to the audience, this is his joy.

He used to work for a salary of fifty rupees
Prithviraj Kapoor treated his sons like ordinary people. When Shammi Kapoor told his father that he also wanted to work in film, Prithviraj said that it was okay. At fifty rupees a month he should work like any other junior artist. Where by then Raj Kapoor had made his place as a hero and director.

There was a lucky charm for the new heroines
Shammi Kapoor worked there for about three years, then he started working in another studio for three hundred rupees. Prithviraj Kapoor never felt that Shammi Kapoor could be a hero. Shammi Kapoor was present well, but did not know how to dance, his style was also different. Shammi Kapoor got success late. But what did you find when you found it? One by one his pictures became super hits. She was a lucky charm for the new heroines.

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First learned computer
Very few people knew that Shammi Kapoor was a techno guru. He brought computers from abroad before computers came to India. In addition to fixing the computer, he also knew how to do coding. Not only that, he was associated with the Ethical Hacking Association of India. He soon became a master of the Internet. He created a site for the Kapoor family, which he updated daily.

You may be surprised to learn that he was the chairman and founding member of the Internet Users Committee. He wanted to make a film based on a new technology. But his health did not support him. Undoubtedly he was in a wheelchair at the age of 80, but his hand was on a mobile or laptop.

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