Birthday: How Dilip Kumar made a professor an actor

New Delhi The story of a professor becoming an actor and a writer is a film in itself. This is the story of legendary Bollywood actor Quader Khan. He was Professor of Civil Engineering at MS Sabu Siddiqui Engineering College, Baikulla, Mumbai.

I had a hobby of copying in my childhood

Quader Khan was born on this day. He spent his childhood in extreme poverty. He had a hobby of imitating people since childhood. This skill takes them to the stage. He started working in drama from the age of ten. He invested the money earned from drama in his studies. Thus, he finished engineering and became a professor. Besides teaching, he also continued to work in drama.

Dilip Kumar’s look-grace
Once Quader Khan was working on the play ‘Card Ke Pattar’. Actor Jalal Aga watched his show and told Dilip Kumar that he must watch the play. There is an actor working in it, whose work is capable. Dilip Kumar came to see the play. Dilip Kumar liked this play very much. After the play ended, Dilip announced that Quader Khan would be working on his upcoming films ‘Sagina’ and ‘Bairag’.

This is where Quader Khan’s film journey started. The offer to write a script for the film also started coming to him. Despite this, he did not stop studying in college.

Was very famous among the students
For many years, Quader Khan used to reach the college at night after shooting. Until then the students were waiting for them. If someone brought hot tea for them, someone would press their heads. Then Kader Khan used to teach them all night. He had to leave the professorship when film work grew.

Quader Khan was a friend
Quader Khan made many good friends in the industry. He had family ties with stars like producer-director Manmohan Desai, Prakash Mehra, Amitabh Bachchan, Jitendra, David Dhawan, Govinda.

When he first met Manmohan Desai, Desai was not happy to see him. Just say that if I don’t like your dialogues I’ll pick up the script and throw it away, my face will never show again. If you like, I will dance on your shoulder.

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The next day, Quader Khan came to Manmohan Desai’s house with the screenplay. Desai got angry in his mind, decided that he would throw the script after reading any page, but when he started reading, he read it ten times. When I woke up again, Kader felt that Desai was angry. Desai hurried off, came back with a new TV set in his hand. Then he said, there is nothing left. Desai ran again and brought a gold bracelet. Whose hand is wearing.

Even if he did not fulfill it, he brought another twenty-one thousand rupees in an envelope and said that this is evil, I will give the rest after one lakh. Said that from today you will write all my pictures.

Quader Khan has produced ‘Amar Akbar Antony’, ‘Parbarish’, ‘Suhag’, ‘Coolie’, ‘Lavaris’, ‘Mukaddar Ka Sikander’, ‘Mr. Natwarlal’, ‘Agnipath’, ‘Sate Pe Satta’ and David Dhawan. Number one was written in all the pictures in the series.

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