Bihar Election 2020: Maithili Tagore and Neha Singh Rathore face off in ‘Bihar Ka’

Neha Singh Rathore with Maithili Thakur (File photo)

Before the Bihar elections in Bihar, before the assembly elections in Bihar, a song titled Me Ka or the title was released in Bihar. The BJP has also responded to this rap.

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Patna. Two young folk singers from Bihar, Maithili Tagore and Neha Singh Rathore are quite viral on the internet these days. Maithili Tagore became very popular on social media pages for singing traditional theatrical songs as well as taking part in a TV show. Similarly, in this year’s lockout, emerging singer Neha Singh is making her mark by singing the song Bihar Bhojpuri (Bihar Me Ka Ba) about Rathore’s government and system flaws. A cold war has just started between these two folk singers from Bihar and that too about a viral song. It is because of the Cold War that we are saying that the two have not said anything wrong about each other in public but they are responding to each other through songs.
And thus the two are answering each other.

In fact, before the Bihar election, a song called ‘Bihar Meng Ka Ba’ has become very popular on the internet in the ordinary Bhojpuri style. Millions of people have watched this song so far. The song, sung by Neha Singh Rathore, is a mockery of Bihar’s ill health, education, security and other issues. In this song, issues like unhappy situation, unemployment, crime, migration from Corona of Bihar have been raised. Also, current and previous governments have been targeted for their failures.

When News18 Hindi Neha Singh was asked if she came up with the idea of ​​this kind of funny song, Neha said that she lives in Bihar and is aware of every situation here and she only sang this song after seeing these problems and issues here. However, in response to the song, Maithili Tagore also released a song on his social media platform on Friday, mentioning the achievements of Bihar and Mithila such as the airport, construction of AIIMS in Darbhanga, etc. Maithili Tagore sang this song in Maithili language and targeted Neha without mentioning her name. However, Neha Singh responded again by releasing another video song yesterday.Bihar BJP has also released a counter video

Similarly, the BJP reacted to Neha Singh Rathore’s song ‘Bihar Meng Ka Ba’ two days ago. This video describes the work done so far by the BJP and the JDU government in Bihar. However, the RJD released a song in response to the BJP’s video war.


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