Bigg Boss: Rahul Vaidya’s girlfriend Disha tells trolls about jobless and pig, find out the whole thing

New Delhi Reality show Big Boss (Big Boss-14(Nowadays where Debolina Bhattacharya)Devolina Bhattacharjee) And Arshi Khan (Arshi Khan) Testifying to extraordinary fighting. So that is Rahul Vaidya (Rahul Vaidya) And Nikki Tamboli (Nicky Tamboli) Growing closer. Although he has no one at Nikki’s house, he must be friends with Rahul Vaidya. In the previous episodes, Rahul and Nikki did not talk to each other, but now they have shared a lot. In a recent episode, Rahul told Niki that he would definitely support him if needed.

So after that some people are trolling Vaidya Premika on social media. Whose Big Boss 14’s Big Contest Guide (Disha Parmar) Gave a suitable answer. She responded to a viral post posted by users on Twitter, stating that Deolina had no complaints about flirting with her boyfriend Disha Parmar. However, there is a problem in the conversation between Nikki and Rahul. Disha shared a screenshot of a user on Twitter who wrote about Rahul and Nikki as actresses and was later reported to have been deleted. However, this tweet is being called.

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Disha calls trolls ‘unemployed’

In a recent tweet, Disha expressed his frustration over the trolling user and wrote, ‘Nowadays people throw edits at whatever they write and respond to, I don’t really care about these things. But sometimes I think there are incidents like slapping such useless people, such unemployed people have done nothing in life except grains of poison. ‘Disha wrote another tweet about users. In it, Disha writes, ‘When you react to this kind of person, it feels like you’re wrestling with a pig! Then all the other pigs get out of here. Go wrestling somewhere else. Along with this, the aspect makes it a symbol of happiness.

Rahul Vaidya has offered guidance

I tell you that in this tweet it was written about Rahul on behalf of Disha, ‘You have already told me about the expectations of this relationship, but I can no longer see Nicky and you on national television, so get ready for my love please come back home. The user wrote about the direction of this deleted post, ‘If he has such a public opinion that he has no problem with Rahul flirting with Devo, then why is he having trouble talking to Nikki? Okay, so he must have deleted his post as soon as he posted it, ”said Disha.

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Let me tell you that when the Bigg Boss promo was released, Rahul proposed marriage to his girlfriend Disha Parmar. On November 11, Disha is 26 years old and with congratulations, Rahul expressed his heart for guidance. The video also went viral on Twitter, where Rahul proposed marriage to his girlfriend Disha.

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