Bigg Boss 14: Why did John Kumar call Nicky Tambali ‘Double Olk Volki’?

New Delhi Today’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ is going to be quite exciting. In this, the family will not only be seen having fun, they will also tease each other a lot. To make the occasion very entertaining, Big Boss has organized a Qawwali sitting at home. At this point, Jan (Jan Kumar Sanu) talks to his friend Nikki until ‘Double olk Volki’.

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Rahul calls Jan ‘Nikki’s brother Jan’
The show’s producers have released a promotion for the episode, where housemates have been seen organizing a Qawwali mahfil. Kawwali started with Rahul Vaidya. He exploded his jokes on Jan Kumar Sanu. She calls him ‘Nalla’ and ‘Nikki’s brother Jan’.

Nicki is called a double drummer
During the Qawwali, Jan Kumar insults Sanu Nikki (Nikki Tamboli) and calls him ‘Double Dhulki’. Of course this episode is going to be quite entertaining for the contestants as well as the viewers.

Nikki was angry with his life
Please say that John Kumar is very attracted to Nikki Tambli. However, there was a lot of conflict between them in the last few episodes. In the last episode, Jan was kissing Nikki again and again. Nikki was very angry with this performance of life.

There is talk on social media that Shardul Pandit has been made homeless from ‘Bigg Boss 14’ this week. However, this news has not been officially confirmed yet. Let me inform you that besides Shardul, Rubina Dilak was nominated for being homeless this week.

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