Bigg Boss 14: Why did Aijaz Khan come to Bigg Boss’s house? Now go and publish

Aijaz Khan (Photo Credit – Aijaz Khan / Instagram)

Ijaz Khan has made a lot of headlines since coming to Bigg Boss 14. At the same time, even after being homeless, he revealed why he entered this reality show.

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Mumbai The famous TV reality show Bigg Boss 14 is discussed on the day. The process of entering the show and homelessness also continues. Aijaz Khan, the contestant of the show, also became homeless from the house of Bigg Boss a while back, since then it has been heard that he will be able to return to the show. At the same time, before re-entering the show, Aijaz Khan has revealed the reason for entering the show in his latest interview. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Aijaz KhanSince coming to Big Boy 14, he has made great headlines and got to see many aspects of her here, he has fallen in love with Pabitra Poonia, he fought badly on the show and cried intensely when he saw his brother. At the same time, Ijaz shared many interesting things during the conversation with Spotboy. He said- ‘I have seen a very challenging career. Financially challenging too and we can’t think about it because there are so many more people who have seen more challenging times. I don’t want to say what happened to me in the lockdown, but yes, I was going through a financially challenging phase, because that’s not the only reason I chose Big Boss.

“Of course I wanted to come back,” he said. I wanted to make it clear that people’s attitude towards me was wrong. And showed me that this is the right platform. I decided that I would go here and be the winner of this show and now seeing the love of the fans towards me I wonder what could be wrong with me? ‘I tell you that while talking to Shardul Pandit, a contestant in an episode of Bigg Boss, he said – I had only Rs 4,000 in my account. I had to ask for a loan of Rs 1.5 lakh.


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