Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Bar: Salman reveals his life, Nicky Tamboli scolds Sanu

Nicky Tamboli and Jan Kumar Sanu. (Photo: Color Instagram video grab image)

This weekend of ‘Bigg Boss 14’, Salman Khan will reveal something that Nicky Tamboli can’t handle himself. In the new promo, Salman Khan asks, ‘Who said I’m a little crazy, who will let Nicky be the captain?’

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Mumbai The weekend battle of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ is as tumultuous as ever. This time it is going to be more noisy. This time something is going to happen that will cause Nikki Tamboli. This time in the weekend battle, Salman Khan will reveal something that Nicky Tamboli cannot handle himself.

So far, in ‘Bigg Boss 14’, it has been seen that Jan Kumar Sanu is washing his hands and lying behind Niki Tamboli. At Bigg Boss’s house, he says he loves Nikki Tamboli and is very serious about his relationship with her. Sanu called Nikki Tamboli many times, but when Salman Khan’s weekend episode revealed the true face of John Kumar Sanu, Nikki Tamboli was shocked to see his true form.

The producers of the show have released a new promotion for the Saturday episode of Weekend Ka Bar. In the campaign, Salman asks the contestants, “Who said I’m a little crazy who will let Nicky be the captain?” In response to this question, Rubina said that this person has spoken. Jane says this, Nikki gets angry when she hears this and she gets up and goes to the washroom. Their lives go after them but Nikki is not at all ready to accept them. Salman’s statement further aggravates the bitterness between the two that the man has made the highest claim of friendship in 3 weeks.

Nikki called Tambal’s life extremely bad
Like an angry tiger, Nicky gets up and tells him that he doesn’t want to hear any explanation. She cries after going to the bathroom. He tells Salman that Jan says he is a friend, he is a friend, but as we saw today, he is not a friend.

Salman told Rubina Dilak – don’t join me in this game
This time Salman Khan also took Rubina Dilak’s class and said that he is playing well in the show, but don’t include him in the game. He is not a competing host. All the contestants on the show are at his house. In fact, in a recent episode, Salman Khan told Abhinav about Rubina’s thing, on which Rubina got angry and complained to Bigg Boss against Salman.


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