Bigg Boss 14: The businessman claims Pavitra Punia is his wife, she is stated by you

New Delhi: A hotelier named Sumit Maheshwari has complained that the rejecters of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ Holy Punia Hides their marriage and betrays them four times. On the show, Pabitra Punia said that she is engaged, but she did not reveal who she is engaged to. Sumit Maheshwari has revealed a lot about the sacred during an interview. Now pictures of Sumit and Pabitra can also be seen on social media.

Pavitra had earlier spoken about her relationship with Pars Chhabra and Pritik Sehajpal. Sumit said the saint told him to keep the marriage a secret like his privacy.

Earlier, Paras reported that Holy Punia had betrayed her husband. Sumit now claims that her husband was the one who told her to cheat.

“We are still husband and wife,” Sumit told YouTube. We got engaged first and then got married. However, he did not disclose it. At the time of the marriage the saint had four relations. (Also from input IANS)

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