Bigg Boss 14: Seniors say better than the show, freshers became sensitive because of Bigg Boss’s decision

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Bigg Boss 14: The decision to release the seniors of the storm, namely Siddhartha Shukla, Hina Khan (Hina Khan) and Gauhar Khan (Gauhar Khan) from the house of Bigg Boss seemed innovative. Nikki, Shan, Jasmine, Rubina, Rahul Vaidya all looked wet.

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Mumbai In Big Boss 14, the creators are bringing new tweets every day. In a recent episode, there was disagreement among Tufani seniors about a job. During the game, Siddharth Shukla and his team were accused of breaking the rules. In this regard, Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan (Gauhar Khan) came up with an opinion and they informed Siddhartha’s party of defeat. Seeing the lack of consent, Big Boss clears up all the confusion and the results are heard in favor of Hina-Gauhar.

Bigg Boss informs all the members of the family that Siddhartha’s team has lost in this task and the rest of Siddhartha’s team members except Nikki Tamboli leave the house like Ejaz Khan and Pabitra. Seeing them leave the house, the other members of the house became sensitive. Gauhar and Hina were seen talking about the task. Meanwhile, the Big Boss has decided that the seniors will have to leave the house.

Hearing this, the freshers became sensitive. Gaur hugs Nikki. At the same time, Hina touches his feet. Everyone was overwhelmed to see the seniors leave. Gauhar comforts Jan and Nikki. Hina and Gowher fall in love with each other. Rubina said that Hina Khan gave her a lot of courage. At the same time Rahul Vaidya said that today is a very bad day. Jasmine said she never thought this day would be so heavy.

Nikki gets scared when the siren starts ringing inside the room. Already a team wearing safety equipment is tearing the house and the whole house is in turmoil. It was later learned that Pabitra and Ejaz Khan were back in the game and Bigg Boss’s house was divided into Green Zone and Red Zone. Pabitra and Ijaz have been kept in the red zone of the house. Jan Kumar told Pabitra and Ijaz what happened at home after he left. After that, during the task, there was a great buzz between Ijaz and Pabitra once again.


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