Bigg Boss 14: Salman’s anger erupts in family, reprimands Rahul-Jasmine

New Delhi: In the last episode of the controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’, actor and show host Salman Khan raised the issue of nepotism. The contestant of the season, Rahul Vaidya nominated John Kumar Sanu in the recent episode on the basis of parents, after which the issue was also discussed at BB House. Salman Khan has now expressed his displeasure over this.

In the episode ‘Weekend Ka War’, Salman has spoken openly about the issue of nepotism in Bollywood. He cited the example of artists like Ajay Devgn, Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar and said that despite being an outsider, he is a superstar in the industry. At the same time, he further said about himself that when he was about to start filming, he did not get the support of his father. He had to work very hard for the film at first. He added that there were many Starkids who made a name for themselves in the industry.

Rahul made his life as a nominated candidate
I tell you, after nominating Jan, Rahul argued that he got the chance to come on the show because he is the son of famous musician Kumar Sanu. He made it clear that he had separated when his parents were young. His mother raised him, so there is no question of nepotism. Later, Rahul also apologized for his life.

Salman instructs Jasmine
Salman explained to Jasmine Vasin that he has received more than 50 calls. Everyone is saying that Jasmine is wrong. Afterwards, Jasmine admits that she was very angry, which is why she did it. He also admitted that he threw water with abuse, but he gave reasons for anger.

Rubina and Fancy Salman is angry
Abhinav Shukla called Abhinav Shukla as a lawyer. Fancy tried to give many examples but Salman did not agree with one. Abhinav gave many examples in his explanation, but the holy Chitriya Punia appeared to oppose him. Rubina (Rubina Dilaik) also gave an explanation, but Salman did not respond to it, instead Salman said that Rubina is wrong. In fact, Rubina was saying that Rahul’s intention was wrong. At the same time he said that Jasmine’s anger was justified. I tell you, all these things were being done on the basis of Rahul and Jasmine’s clash.

Salman’s attack on domestic violence
Salman Khan was also very angry at the domestic violence. He said that all things are possible only with moderation. All the families described Rubina as the most violent. Rubina tried to clarify the matter but all the family members were against her.

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