Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan has blown Rahul Vaidya’s senses, it has been revealed by Bara

New Delhi: Salman Khan had a lot of fun with his family members during last weekend’s war episode. Salman had teased singer Rahul Vaidya by the name of his girlfriend Disha Parmar. Salman Khan also reacted to Rahul’s proposal. After hearing this from Salman, Rahul appeared quite excited.

In fact, Salman Khan asked Rahul Vaidya about Dish Parmar’s answer. Rahul said that no answer has come yet. Salman laughed and said how he will come, he is currently in Thailand with his boyfriend. Listening to Salman Khan, Rahul’s wind blew.

Salman made a big revelation
The whole family laughed. At the same time, Rahul told Salman not to say that. He also confirmed that Disha was in Thailand. Seeing Rahul in tension, Salman said, do people go to Thailand with boyfriend or girlfriend? After that Salman asked Rahul to go to the store room.

Rahul’s extra pull
Rahul felt that there might be some surprises for him from the side but he was disappointed. Rasgulla is kept in the store room for work. Let me tell you, in a previous episode, Rahul Vaidya proposed marriage to Dish Parmar on national television. It was his birthday.

Shardul Pandit became homeless
I tell you, actor and RJ Shardul Pandit has become homeless from home. The family nominated him and Rubina Dilaik to be homeless. After which Shardul is out of the house and Rubina Dilaik is now safe. Shardul Pandit has acted in many serials including Bandini, Kuldeepak, Siddhi Binayak.

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