Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya sees strange acting in front of Hina Khan wearing towel, hears romantic shayari

Big Boss 14 (Photo Credit – Colostovi / Instagram)

During a task in Bigg Boss 14, Rahul Vaidya (Rahul Vaidya) performed a strange dance while wearing a towel to impress Hina Khan. At the same time, Hina was shocked to see Rahul in this condition.

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Mumbai The contestants of Bigg Boss 14 have been doing great since Salman Khan was sacked and Salman Khan was sacked in the weekend battle. This is why everyone is trying to give their best on the show. In this endeavor, the contestant Rahul Vaidya has done something that you will be surprised to see. Rahul acted in front of Hina Khan in such a way that Hina Khan was also shocked. Rahul was seen doing a strange dance on the towel.

In fact, Senior officer In the upcoming episode of Family it will be seen that the family has been given a great job, to impress the stormy seniors of Bigg Boss, they will be happy to give some stuff and finish the task with that thing. In this task Hina Khan got the job of flower oli, the contestants had to impress Hina Khan and get flowers. In this context, Rahul Vaidya, who took a bath after towel, reached in front of Hina Khan in the same condition. He wanted to do something to impress Hina, otherwise he started dancing on the towel in front of Hina in the style of ‘Sawariya’. Rahul’s dance moves were so weird, Hina laughed badly.

At the same time, Ejaz Khan also took part in this work and like Rahul Vaidya, Ejaz was also seen trying to impress Hina with her seasoning dance performance. Seeing this, Hina Khan did these two dances together. Rahul also narrated romantic poetry to Hina Khan, which impressed Hina Khan. At the same time, the whole family laughed a lot during the whole incident and Hina also gave me three flowers to impress.


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