Bigg Boss 14: Poetry Kaushik is ready to bring a new twist to the show!

New Delhi: ‘Big Boss 14’ to enter via wild card Poetry Kaushik Suppose this season’s homeworkers are copying the popular contestants from the previous season. Kavita says she plans to take a new turn on the subject as soon as she gets home. Through reality shows, viewers want to know what aspect of his personality should be seen.

The poem said, ‘I think I’m a funny person. I like to joke, to annoy people. This is my normal nature. Many times people get angry at it. In fact, I come from a small town and people have annoyed me a lot, that’s why I learned it but my method of doing it is good of I hope my joke behavior will work here.

The actress thinks that even if she gets into an argument or a fight, she can add something new to it.

He said, ‘After watching the show this year I feel the contestants are trying to emulate the contestants of the previous season. I hope I achieve something new. Now the notes are not sitting, hopefully I can set new notes.

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