Bigg Boss 14: Poet Kaushik complains to Salman Khan, says- doesn’t seem interested

New Delhi The fight over the controversial TV show ‘Bigg Boss 14’ continues. But in Tuesday’s episode of the show, there was such an argument that the discussion ended. Contestant Kaushik pushed Aijaz, making Aijaz very angry.

The case caught on so much that Big Boss had to intervene. Bigg Boss said he had no intention of hitting Ijaz with the push of the poem.

The poem is saying wrong
All the contestants on the show were trying to convince Kaushik. They all say that pushing is not right, it will make you look bad. Kavita got so angry during the quarrel with Ejaz that she questioned Salman Khan and the producers. He said, ‘I feel bad. They don’t let me play games, they sit in groups. Make noise from behind. Swearing. This item will not appear on TV.

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He added, “It will show that there was controversy over food and poetry created such a quarrel. I have to look bad. I don’t want to look worse now day after day.”

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Why should I tolerate anyone’s oppression now? Should I have a chance to present my case? When I put Salman in front of Sir, he doesn’t look attractive. They tell Ijaz that hey you are going very well. Looks very good

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