Bigg Boss 14: Pamita Punia made fun of Katrina Kaif’s performance, she taught Shahnaz Gill

Holy Punia (Photo Credit – @Pavitrapunia_ / Instagram)

An old interview with Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pabitra Punia has come up for heated discussion. During this interview, he told shocking stories about actress Katrina Kaif, Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shehnaz Gill.

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  • Latest version:October 30, 2020, 7:00 pm IST

Mumbai TV’s most controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 14, is a great headline these days. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Outside of her home, most of the old contraceptives are creating unrest. Recently, the show’s contestant Pabitra Punia came up in an old interview. During this interview, he talks about actress Katrina Kaif and Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shehnaz Gill. According to media reports, during the interview, the bride Poonia joked about Katrina Kaif’s performance.

Holy Punia Bollywood gave an interview to Hangama a long time ago. While naming some celebrities in this interview, he was asked if he wanted to ask them. When Katrina Kaif’s name came up, Pabitra said, “Why don’t you learn acting?”, He added about Shahnaz Gill: Control your emotions’. With this he said in the name of singer Diljit Dosandh- ‘How do you sing so beautifully?’

Apart from this, the personal life of the poet was in the headlines. Holy had a breakup with Bigg Boss 13 contestant Pars Chabra in 2018. Before sitting down, Pabitra Parash said in a conversation with Chabra, “If he has some self-esteem, he will not come to the house of Bigg Boss.” “My past is not so controversial,” he said. There’s only one very bad thing and if it has some self-esteem it won’t come in Big Boss 14.


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