Bigg Boss 14: One of these contestants will be homeless, Fancy said – it doesn’t matter

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 14 has made a lot of big changes in the house so far. Recently, Kumar Sanu’s son Jan Kumar Sanu was homeless. Nicky Tamboli was very upset about his departure. This week, 6 people have been nominated for eviction. A lot happened inside the Big Boss house on Monday.

Don’t seem to be intimidated by fancy nominations
Fancy Shukla’s game plan is different from everyone else’s. They are not following anyone. During the nomination, Abhinav said that he was not afraid of nomination and abolition. Nothing goes beyond that.

The saint nominated Jasmine
Bigg Boss 14 revolves around the nomination process Holy Punia Nominated Jasmine Vasin. He said that in the second week, Ejaz and when he was taken out, the abusive language came out of Gohar’s mouth. This thing is in Jasmine’s mind. He fails to see the Holy One. For this reason, the Holy One chose him. I tell you that there is often a difference between righteous and jasmine.

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Aijaz and Abhinav have also nominated
At the same time, Rahul Vaidya Aijaz Khan While nominating the nominated Ijaz, Rahul said that the noise in the nomination was due to Ijaz, which is why he should be nominated. At the same time, Ijaz nominated the actor. In many cases Aijaz Khan thinks that Abhinav Shukla himself does not object to or be a part of the show.

6 people have been nominated for the elimination round this week. These include Abhinav, Rahul, Jasmine, Pabitra, Rubina and Ali. Let me tell you, it was seen during the show that Kavita and Ijaz were extending a hand of friendship towards each other. It is believed that the relationship between the two may be fine now.

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