Bigg Boss 14, old housewives return to style, Chandramukhi Chautala, Soumya and Nagin return

Rubina Dilak, Poet Kaushik

In Bigg Boss, Rubina Dilaik (Rubina Dilaik) appeared in the role of Soumya in the famous serial ‘Shakti: Astitva Ke Ehsas Ki’, while Kavita Kaushik (Kavita Kaushik) again showed her ‘Chandramukhi Chautala’ avatar. Jugmin Vasin also appeared in the snake incarnation of his Nagin 4.

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Mumbai High voltage drama is seen in Bigg Boss 14 nowadays. Jasmine Vasin and Rubina Dilaik have been seen breaking up since the start of the season. The captaincy between the two began, he said – Suni has now taken the form of a quarrel. The two are seen talking to each other from time to time. Meanwhile, the beauties of the show have returned to their old incarnations at the home of Bigg Boss.

When Dilak appeared in the role of Rubina Soumya to realize the existence of the famous serial Shakti, Kavita Kaushik (Kavita Kaushik) once again showed her ‘Chandramukhi Chautala’ incarnation. At the same time, Jasmine Vasin has returned in the form of a serpent.

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In fact, the members of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ have given great dance performances at home in their old and famous characters. In the last episode, ‘Bigg Boss 14’ starring Rubina Dilaik, Kavita Kaushik and Jasmine Vasin in the form of Soumya, Nagin and Chandramukhi Chautala. Whose video is gradually going viral.

At the same time, Big Boss gave all members of the family the opportunity to show any member of their choice the way out of the house. In which the members had to kick a football that stuck to the member’s face if they wanted to see him go out of the house. During this work, all members of the household are seen attacking their enemies. I tell you, there is only 1 week left for the finale of Bigg Boss Season 14. In such a situation all the members of the house are seen fighting while on the show.


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