Bigg Boss 14: Nicky Tamboli Nail Cutter Sara Gurupal Eyes, Severe Injury, Didn’t The Video Show The Viewer?

Bigg Boss 14 (Photo credit – @SargurPals / @Nikki_Tombly / Instagram)

People are already very angry at the whole Gurupala’s Bigg Boss 14. At the same time, recent media reports are claiming that Nicky Tamboli attacked Sara with nails during the task at home. Due to which Sara got serious injuries in her eyes.

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Mumbai Reality show Bigg Boss 14 is making great headlines these days. On the show, the day is being intensely watched. In the first week of the show, all the equations in the house have changed as the defenders engage in a struggle among themselves to find resistance. During a working week of the first week, everyone was seen to be proud to prove themselves the best. In the first week of the show, Sara Gurpal left the house. Meanwhile, Sara has expressed dissatisfaction with senior Siddharth Shukla from home. Apart from this, there are now reports that something happened between Sara and Nikki Tambli inside the house, which caused serious injuries to Sara’s eyes.

Big Boss 14 At home, where Nikki has received praise from Salin along with seniors for her good performance in the first week. He was also given many special powers. On the other hand, the show was dropped from the show. One of the Hindustan Times related to Sara Gurupal Report If we believe that the whole house has become homeless because of the treatment. The report also shared a photo of Sarah, so that the issue of eye injuries is clearly visible.

The report further states that during the ticketing, Nikki attacked Sara with her acrylic nails. Sarah was sitting in the bulldozer during the Immunity Task and Nikki was trying to pick them up from there. This time, Nikki’s nails went and caught her eye. It is said that this clip has been removed from the episode of Bigg Boss 14. Competitors are seen talking about it though.

The show showed Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan talking to each other about how everyone was injured but they did not complain about it and played the game very well. At the same time, Sara is saying that she has been treated and has now moved to her hometown.


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