Bigg Boss 14: Kaushik came to the attention of the people by making obscene remarks about Ijaz

New Delhi: Reality showBig Boss 14 In the recent season of Kaushik’s commentary on Ejaz Khan’s commentary, many former contestants of the show, starting from Kashmiri Shah, became Priya Malik. In the ‘Weekend Ka War’ episode of the show, Kavita said a lot of unnecessary things about Ijaz. He said Ijaz came to him during the lockdown and asked him to cook for himself. Kavita further said that Ijaz is not her friend, even then she agreed to cook for him because she had none.

However, all this talk about the poem does not appeal to many.

Actress Kashmira Shah, who took part in the first season of the show, said, “What happened to Ejaz probably happened to more than half of the people in the world. I sympathize with them. Poetry has done all this and made you a trophy title. The world has been with you since today’s episode.

Priya Malik wrote about it, ‘You help someone and then come on national television and make fun of that thing. It is not right for poetry to talk about Ijaz’s mental health. His words are wrong, his motives are wrong.

Actress Srishti Road writes, ‘I can’t believe it. Being a co-artist on the basis of working with him I know that Ijaz is a great person and I am his friend.

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