Bigg Boss 14: Horrible abuse with Ijaz Khan in childhood, Rubina Dilak also expressed tragic

Bigg Boss 14 (Photo Grab- @ ColorStvy / Instagram)

During one of the works of Bigg Boss 14, Ijaz Khan (Aiza ​​Khan) cried while sharing the horrific incident of his childhood with him, and Rubina Dilaik’s husband Abhinav Shukla expressed his grief.

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Mumbai The most popular reality show on TV, Bigg Boss 14 remains in the discussion for one reason or another. These days, the producers give the contestants a job that brings such a great twist to the show. Recently, a similar scene was seen in the house of Bigg Boss … The contestants got courage as a new job, which made most of the contestants in the house cry. Because of this work, the contestant revealed a secret of his life, which will surprise the audience. A glimpse of the open secrecy of the contestants has been revealed, in which the provisions of Ejaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik as well as Nikki Tamboli are also shocking. Apart from this, the fans will also be surprised to hear the revelation of Rubina Dilaik.

In fact, Big Boss 14 A glimpse of the upcoming episode has been shared on the broadcast account of the broadcast channel Colors. It looks like the competition has been given to get the stone of resistance. This task is extremely difficult for the contestants because it involves sharing a secret in front of their whole camera, which is the biggest mystery of their life and what many do not know about.

At this point, Ejaz Khan went on to say what he had told him and he fell badly. In the promo video he is seen saying, ‘Me and my therapist only know this thing … my dad doesn’t know, I just care about it … I have a problem with my touch … when I was little with me then … I’m ashamed Can’t get it because it wasn’t my fault. Father forgive me ‘.

At the same time, Rubina revealed that the biggest reason for me and Abhinav to be big bosses was … we gave each other time until November … we were going to divorce. If we don’t come here, we won’t be able to live together. ‘ Rubina was very emotional while telling this secret and also shed tears of fancy. The two were seen holding hands after the revelation.


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