Bigg Boss 14: Family Teaches Nikki Tamboli Bigg Boss Announces An Embarrassing Twist

Bigg Boss 14 (Photo credit – @CollarStv / Instagram)

A new twist has come to the house of Bigg Boss 14. With the announcement of Bigg Boss 1, all the power of Nikki Tamboli is under threat. At the same time the family has started Nikki’s great class.

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Mumbai The show hosted by Bigg Boss 14, Salman Khan is not showing as much of a surprise in the case of TRP as it was last season. However, various efforts are being made to attract the audience to the show. In the first house, ‘Jharo Senior’ Hina Khan, Siddharth Shukla and Gowhar Khan were admitted. At the same time, only one member in the house, Nicky Tamboli, was confirmed. Even after so many things, the show did not get much audience in the previous season. At the same time, the makers of Big Boss have come up with a new twist. In this twist, Nicky Tamboli’s confirmation is endangered by an announcement from Big Boss.

In fact, since Nicky Tamboli He’s got the tag of the first confirmed member of the household, since then he’s been creating new problems for the family. In the past, she refused to do housework. After which everyone is very angry with Nikki. Meanwhile, the Big Boss made such a startling announcement that the whole game turned upside down. Seeing the dissatisfaction of all the contestants in the house, Bigg Boss gave him the right to decide whether he should be converted to Nikki.

Following Bigg Boss’s announcement, family members calculated Nikki’s shortcomings and took her class. Not only that, John Kumar Shanu, a special friend of Nikki’s house, also made a mistake in it. Seeing this, Nikki got angry. Nicky is extremely annoyed to see the powers go hand in hand. Now in the coming episodes, the homeowners will know what to do with Nikki.


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