Bigg Boss 14: Family laughs when they hear Kaushik’s ‘authentic Hindi’, you will see a lot too

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In the video, Kavita Kaushik is seen talking to Bigg Boss about Ali (Oli Gani). Everyone in the house started laughing when the poet called Jasmine Vasin Ali Gani’s female friend.

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Mumbai In Big Boss 14, different shifts and shifts are seen on different days. Recently, Kumar Sanu’s son Jan Kumar Sanu was dropped from the show and Bigg Boss was given the job of nomination on Monday. In which the household was nominated. Among them were Aijaz Khan, Rahul Vaidya, Abhinav Shukla, Rubina Dilaik, Jasmine Vasin and Pabitra Punia. After the abolition, Bigg Boss gave the current captain of the house, Kavita Kaushik, the special power to change a place of nomination.

On top of that, the poem nominated Ali Gani while protecting Ejaz Khan. During this period, Kavita Kaushik was seen speaking in ‘authentic Hindi’ and the whole house laughed at this incarnation of the poem. The producers of the show also showed a glimpse of saying ‘pure Hindi’ in the promo of the poem Kaushik. In it, Kavita Ali is seen talking about Gani. Where colleagues at home can’t stop laughing at this style of poetry.

Seeing Kavita say ‘pure Hindi’, Rubina Dilak says that she can’t hear all this and goes to the kitchen to say that. At the same time Ali starts going to Bagan area, at which Abhinav stops them. However, as soon as Kavita Ali’s name was announced and they started coming out, they all ran out. Not only that, Nikita Tambolio can’t stop laughing when she hears Kaushik’s authentic Hindi. At the same time, Rubina’s reaction is worth watching.


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