Bigg Boss 14: Disha Parmar BB arrives at Rahul Vaidya’s house, kisses him and says – I am ready for marriage – News 18 Hindi

Mumbai: Today’s episode on the Big Boss 14 show is going to be quite romantic. Special arrangements have been made on Valentine’s Day for Bigg Boss contestant Rahul Vaidya. So far, the audience has realized that everyone who is present or inside the house has a partner, but Rahul Vaidya is the only contestant whose girlfriend has not seen the audience yet. However, during the show, Rahul’s love life has been discussed many times.

Rahul often became sensitive when talking to his girlfriend. Connections from outside also told him about their girlfriend. Now Bigg Boss has decided to take Rahul’s girlfriend from the audience.

Rahul’s girlfriend Disha Parmar’s entry can be seen in a video that went viral on social media. In the Bigg Boss direction promo, which gave a surprise gift for Valentine’s Day, Rahul was seen to be emotional with this surprise. Rahul looked in the direction and started crying. “I could not have had a better day than here,” says Disha in the campaign.

Rahul and Disha both wore red dresses keeping in mind the ceremony and the ritual. Rahul knelt down and asked Disha, are you Mary? In response, Disha shows the poster which says ‘Yes I will kill you’ and further says ‘Yes I will kill you and I love you very much’. Seeing this, Rahul woke up happy.

The whole family welcomed the expression with applause. In the promo, Rahul and Disha are seen across the glass wall. There is a glass wall between their love but both of them are expressing love from afar. Earlier, Disha Parmar had proposed marriage to Rahul on his 27th birthday. Rahul’s mother, who came home on Family Week at Rahul’s request, gave her consent for the relationship.


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