Bigg Boss 14 Days 13 Written Update: Despite fighting among seniors, Hina-Siddharth are fighting for Jasmine

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Niki Tamboli asks Jan (Jan Kumar Sanu) to sing the song ‘Hasi Aur Hasi Kata Jaane Marg’ for her. On which he came to learn songs and sang for Nikki. On top of which Nicky tells him that the friendship between the two will last as long as he breathes.

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Big Boss 14 Days 13 October 17 Written Update: All members of the Big Boss 14 family have now appeared in full form. All the freshers are now showing their game in public and there is a lot of noise in the Big Boss house. In the final episode, Bigg Boss gave the contestants a golden opportunity to take their personal items under which there should be competition between the two contestants. For which Rubina-Pabitra, Ijaz-Rahul and Shehzad De Nishant (Shehzad Deol, Nishant Malkani) have got the fight and now Nikki Tamboli and Jasmine Vasin will fight for their personal items.

Homeowners day starts with ‘Lucky Tu-Lucky Me’. In the morning veteran Siddhartha Shukla asked who did the yellow toilet and then the discussion started in the bathroom. Nicki, on the other hand, asks her to sing a song for them ‘Laugh and Laugh Cut Jenny Way’. On which he came to learn songs and sang for Nikki. On top of which Nicky tells him that the friendship between the two will last as long as he breathes.

At the same time, Siddharth and Rubina Dilak started arguing about cutting vegetables. Siddhartha says that he who makes vegetables will also cut them. Rahul can’t do three things at once. About this Rubina said that she chose to cook because a lot of people were busy chopping vegetables. In the midst of the debate between Rubina and Siddharth, everyone has been seen raging about Rubina and Abhinav. Abhinav says that he also came here to play games, the children did not come to raise them. Rubina Dilak has been seen talking about Nikki’s attitude towards acting.

Work started. The next work is between Abhinav Shukla and Jan Kumar Sanu. In which Abhinav Shukla has won. The competition is then between Nikki Tamboli and Jasmine Vasin. However, Nikki and Jasmine fight fiercely between tasks. Due to which a debate started between the elder Siddhartha and Hina. In fact, Hina has been seen supporting Jasmine during work. The work between Nikki and Jasmine is over but the three seniors clash with each other over the result. The three seniors constantly fight among themselves and already clear the outcome of the Big Boss and declare Jasmine the winner of the task. Meanwhile, the householders try to convince Siddhartha. Pabitra Punia says, men and women are equal in the house. Nishantha and Nikki discussed the outcome of the task. After that, Rahul, Nikki, Jan, Nishant and Siddharth Shukla discussed Rubina Dilak and Abhinav Shukla. But later Hina herself went to Siddhartha and tried to resolve the quarrel.


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