Bigg Boss 14: Bindu Dara Singh talks about the relationship between Ejaz Khan and Pabitra Punia, says- Marriage doesn’t last 2 days

Ejaz Khan, Pabitra Punia (Photo Credit – ারColorStv / Instagram)

In Bigg Boss 14, Ejaz Khan (Aijaz Khan) and Poonya’s relationship point in the sacred image is Dara Singh’s reaction. They told what would happen if these two got married.

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Mumbai In Bigg Boss 14, there is a lot of fighting going on in the family these days. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with new twists and turns. As every season, Bigg Boss 3 winner Bindu Dara Singh (Bindu Dara Singh) has been seen giving his opinion about this season. Last season he was seen supporting Siddhartha Shukla. At the same time, recently, he has reacted to the relationship between this season’s contestant Ejaz Khan and Pabitra Poonia. They made fun of these two.

Big Boss 14 The love story of these two seemed to be fabricated, but suddenly an incident happened that made the Holy Ijaz cry badly at the decision. According to a report in the Times of India, Bindu Dara Singh said about the relationship between Ejaz Khan and Pabitra: “If Ijaz Khan and Pabitra Punia had got married, their marriage would not have lasted for more than two days.”

He says ‘I’ve seen every part of Bigg Boss this season. But I don’t think Ijaz and Pabitra are going to get married. This is not possible. Ijaz has different personalities and the saint has his own personality. If these two were married, it would not last more than two days. So what does this mean? ‘

Let me tell you that Ejaz Khan had a relationship with TV actress Anita Hasanandani, Italian-Canadian singer Natalia de Lusco and actress Nidhi Kashyap and all these relationships did not last. At the same time, the story of his love was also shown in Big Sit. Meanwhile, when Big Boss gave Ijaz the power to protect any member of the household, he took the name of Jasmine Vasin. She appeared on the show crying and said she would never forget this person. Ijaz, on the other hand, was also very sad but why he made this decision, he will be seen in the upcoming episode of the show.


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