Bigg Boss 14: BB contestant Rubina-Fancy unveiled the screen from the lie! Big revelations about the couple

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Rubina (Rubina Dilaik) husband Abhinav Shukla says she has watched only two episodes of Bigg Boss so far. But now X Bigg Boss contestant Manu Punjabi Rubina-Abhinav has shared a video with this claim.

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Mumbai It’s been 2 weeks since Bigg Boss season 14 started and now all the contestants on the show are slowly putting themselves down to the winning race. She has been seen in TV industry’s ‘Small Arm’, Rubina Dilaik (Rubina Dilaik) and shows Last week’s host Salman Khan also praised Rubina for her performance. However, in the last few days Rubina has said that she has not seen any season of Bigg Boss. The actress said that she came to the show without watching the show and without understanding the format of the show.

On the other hand, Rubina Dilaik’s husband Abhinav Shukla (Abhinav Shukla) said that he has watched only two episodes of Bigg Boss so far. But now, X-Bigg-Boss contestant Manu Punjabi has shared a video on Rubina-Abhinav’s claim, in which he questions Rubina Dilak and Abhinav Shukla’s claim. This video shared by Manu Punjabi is fancy and taken from an old interview with Rubina. In which both are seen answering questions about the Big Boss.

Looking at this video, it’s absolutely impossible that Rubina and Fancy didn’t see the Big-Boss. Because both of them are seen answering almost all the questions related to Bigg Boss. While sharing this video, Manu Punjabi wrote – ‘What is OMG? This may not be true. #RubinaDilike #Fancy Shukla #Players Ha. In the video, Rubina and Abhinav are seen answering many questions like Bigg Boss’s first general winner, Bigg Boss 12 contestant taking suitcase and Bigg Boss with Salman Khan as the host actor.


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