Big Boss 14: Two members become homeless this week, Rubina-Jasmine safe

New Delhi: Every day there is a new twist in the house of Bigg Boss 14. A lot has changed at BB House this Monday as well. In Monday’s episode, Bigg Boss announced that the fortunes of Nishantha, Rubina, Kavita and Jasmine are hanging in the suitcase. The Big Boss said that the fate of the members living in the Red Zone will also be decided by the members living in the Green Zone.

The members of the house made Nishant homeless
The Big Boss asked members of the Green Zone to ask if the members of this national red zone were less attractive. The members whose names come up the most will be Baharal. If there is a match between the decision of the audience and the decision of the members of the Green Zone, the same contestant must leave the show. If it happens that there is no match, two members of the household will become homeless.

Family vote members voted against Nishantha
Green Zone members voted against Nishant. These include Pabitra, Rahul, Nikki, Abhinav, Jan, Shardul and Ejaz. Shortly after this poll, Bigg Boss made Nishant homeless. As soon as he left Nishantha’s house, he started crying emotionally and Jasmine was seen explaining to him.

Poetry became homeless due to the people’s vote
In the midst of so much, the audience also came to a decision. Ijaz opened the suitcase as instructed by the Big Boss. The decision of the audience was different from the family. The audience showed the poem Kaushik outside the house. Poetry received the lowest audience vote.

The decision of the family and the audience was different
The decision of the family and the audience was different. For this reason, Kavita also had to leave home. Kavita did not meet Aijaz when she left home. Ijaz was seen talking to the poet about this and he expressed his dissatisfaction with the passing of the poem. Rubina and Jasmine run away from home.

Tell me, Ali Gani’s entry is going to be in today’s episode sitting at home. It will be interesting to see how the house reacts to this. Ali and Jasmine have a very good bond. Ali has also been seen supporting Jasmine outside the house.

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