Big Boss 14: Hey what? Poet Kaushik calls Rubina Dilik a ‘Kaleshi Insan’

New Delhi: Wednesday night Senior officer There was a lot of noise in his house. The house arrest has started from Tuesday. Everyone is saving their lives to be the new captain of the house. In the midst of this work, there was so much fighting in the house that the audience was not bothered for even a second. In this special report, find out what happened on this show on Wednesday night.

In today’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’, Pabitra Punia and Ejaz Khan are thinking about each other again. Nicky Tamboli is pulling Ejaz Khan’s legs firmly and he is acting as the middle cupid of both of them. While talking to Jan Kumar Sanu, Pabitra Punia also told him her heart. John Kumar said that you both have accepted each other in your heart.

The fight between Kavita Kaushik and Rubina Dilaik
Rubina Dilaik has been seen growing her friendship with Kavita since she became the captain of Kaushik Ghar. In today’s episode, the rift in this friendship was that there was a huge argument between the two about picking fruit. In the midst of the controversy, poet Kaushik has called Rubina Dilaik a man.

The fight between Jasmine Vasin and Rahul Vaidya escalated so much that everyone was stunned. As Rahul Vaidya was also out of control, he started abusing Jasmine Vasin.

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