Big Boss 14: Can Jasmine Ellie’s entry benefit her?

New Delhi: This week, actress Jasmine Vasin ‘Bigg Boss 14’ completely reversed her game inside the house. He is seen as emotionally strong and is believed to have influence in Eli Gani’s home. Before going to the house, the actor and Jasmine’s alleged boyfriend Eli said that he is going to support the actress and he is doing it.

Last week, Jasmine was seen to be emotionally torn after a fight with Rahul Vaidya and Rahul accused her of trying to intimidate him with physical force.

Jasmine was the happiest when Eli came home this week. He told Eli that he cried because the world of ‘Big Boss’ was not for him, and he left saying that everything from his entrance would be ‘upset’.

At the same time Eli said, ‘I want to be with him now. This (his emotional state) was the main reason why I decided to go home now and I am sure I will support him very well when I am there.

When asked about the incident with Rahul, Eli defended him and said it was real anger.

He said, ‘What Salman Bhai said was correct and Jasmine said what she felt in that moment. He is the one who can express his feelings. He can’t lie. She can’t hide her feelings. We all saw what he felt then and it was real.

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