Big B writes – 9 nights Mother Durga fights and defeats a monster every night, the post tells which monster won which night

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Amitabh Bachchan has written an inspiring and interesting post about Navratri. He has conquered these 9 Navratri nights with more than 9 monsters. But the realization of the toughest enemy came in the morning after his 9th night when he was about to rest. They also destroyed him with a calm smile.

Big B mentioned these 9 monsters

  • On the first night, the mother calmed the monster of desire.
  • On the second night he extinguished the ghost of anger.
  • On the third night he drove away the monster of fascination.
  • Then he smashed the monster of greed.
  • On the fifth night, he confronted Madhavan and killed Ahankar.
  • On the sixth night they were confronted by a fierce monster Matsar and defeated him.
  • Yet smiling at the power of beauty, she went ahead and calmed the anger of selfishness.
  • On the night of the eighth he killed the unjust.
  • On the night of the ninth, using only his mercy, he drove away the terrible monster of cruelty, Amanatava.
  • Then on the morning after the ninth night he was about to rest, realizing that his toughest enemy was still riding on him. He sat in the lotus position and put down all his arms. With a soft sigh and a calm smile he swallowed his ultimate monster ego.

Big B finally writes – Navratri has started. You win over all the monsters.


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