Bhojpuri Video: This song by Akshara Singh has been viewed more than 2 crore times

This video has been viewed more than 20 million times so far. (Video Grab YouTube)

Akshar Singh is reigning in the hearts of the audience nowadays with his voice as well as Bhojpuri.

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  • Latest version:November 30, 2020, 5:40 pm IST

New Delhi. Famous actress of Bhojpuri films Akshara Singh Nowadays, besides acting, Bhojpuri is ruling the hearts of the audience with his voice. His new song is being released in the voice of Akshar. Let me tell you, Bhojpuri viewers liked the characters very much. Due to this, the video of his song also went viral on social media.

Has watched over 2 crore videos
Following this, a song from the movie Akshar movie ‘Promise 2’ in 2015 ‘Zila Howe’ is going viral through social media. The characters in this song are seen thumping loudly. So far this video has been viewed more than 2 crore times on YouTube. I tell you, Akshar Singh is also ready to explode in Bhojpuri and Bhojpuri Hindi films, although he has appeared in Hindi films before, but now he will be seen in a strong role in Shailesh Parsar directed film ‘Yuba’. About which Akshar said that this film is a great film to promote women’s empowerment.

Akshar said that the Hindi feature film ‘Yuba’, which is under construction under the banner of Manjushree Motion Picture, is based on a sensational background. Directed by Shailesh Parasara and cinematography by Naresh Bishwakarma, the film is based on the empowerment of women and their rise from poverty to success.


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